How to play a sound after the operation is completed?

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Important Information: Create a SQL Server Compact Edition database using C#

string connectionString = "DataSource=\"test.sdf\";Password=\"mypassword\"";
SqlCeEngine en = brand new SqlCeEngine(connectionString);

answered September 28, 2009 at 4:01 pm.

D’Arcy Rittich
D’Arcy Rittich

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How do I fix my voice on my computer?

Check your volume settings.Or
reboot, change audio device.
Easily install or update audio or speaker types.
Turn off sound enhancements.
Update BIOS.

First select the Browse tab. Now find the path C:\Programs\Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition\v3.1. Now select System.Dadta.SqlServerCe.dll, click on it, then click OK to extract the link.

Why is my PC audio crackling?

Let’s write the code now. First we go to the class leader itself oh I mean your trusted class headers and let’s create a reference usage.

How do I fix my voice on my computer?

 using System.Data.SqlServerCe;
with System.IO;

  connection string;
  the string fileName matches "aminescm.sdf";
  The string password is "aminescm";

  if (file.exists(filename))
    File.Delete(file name);

  connection string = string.Format(
    "Data source=\"0\"; Password='1'", filename, password);
 SqlCeEngine in New = SqlCeEngine(connectionString);

How do I fix my crackling sound?

You will probably find out more and more about it, it’s a really great site:



How do I fix distorted audio on my computer?

replied June 6, 2012 at 6:37 am

How do I make Bash sound beep?

The traditional way to beep in a shell package is to write ASCII BEL characters (\007 Sur) to known output with a special command such as ‘m likeerror -ne ‘\007” ‘.

How do I stop a Windows terminal from making noise?

Open Windows Terminal Settings. 1.1. Tap the bottom button (🔽) next to it to make sure the last tab is open to show you a menu of to-dos, settings, and other options. 1.2.
Set the bellstyle property to “none”. 2.1.Frequently add/edit the bellStyle property to get “none” gain.