7 Best Ways to Fix Android Phone Not Connecting to PC

Check each USB connection mode on your phone (Windows/Mac)
Update USB MTP drivers on your computer (Windows)
Use the Android (Mac) file transfer utility itself
Try a different USB port and a different USB cable (Windows/Mac)
Update your operating system version (Mac)

Check if this USB connection mode is set on your phone (Windows/Mac)
Update USB MTP drivers on your computer (Windows)
Use the Android (Mac) file transfer utility itself
Use a different USB port and USB cable (Windows/Mac)
Update your operating system version (Mac)

Check the USB connection mode on your phone (Windows/Mac)
Update USB MTP drivers on your computer (Windows)
Use a dedicated file transfer utility for Android (Mac)
Try a different USB port and a different USB cable (Windows/Mac)
Update your operating system version (Mac)

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Why isn’t my Android showing up on my computer?

Start next to the obvious: restart your computer and try a different USB port.
Before trying anything else, it’s worthFollow precise general troubleshooting tips. Reboot your android phone and give it another one. Also try using a different USB cable in a different USB port on your computer. Connect it directly to computer systems, not to a USB hub.

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What Can I Do To Prevent This From Happening Again In The Future?

If a person provides personal services, eg. B. At home, you can run a virus scan on your resource to make sure it is not heavily infected with malware.

If you’re on a shared network at work or in the office, the person might ask the network administrator to run a connection scan for misconfigured or vulnerable devices.

Why won’t my computer recognize my phone?

If you’re struggling to connect your Android phone to your laptop with an airport file transfer USB cable, this is a known dilemma that you can solve in minutes. A tag not recognized by a PC is most commonly caused by an incompatible USB cable, a misdiagnosed connection mode, or outdated drivers.

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For the vast majority of users, connecting a phone to a computer via Wi-Fi is still possible by simply scanning the QR code in desktopdroid.com Transfer using the Transfer Companion app on their phone, as shown in our Droid Transfer quick guide. Guide.

When I plug my phone in the computer nothing happens?

If your whole family logs into your Android device or nothing happens, this should be the first concrete course of action. USB campuses can easily fail, so it’s usually best to rule out some of the obvious things first. After a hard reboot, plug the driver back in, but this time make sure the users are using a different USB.

If you are having problems with this connection and would like toTo ensure a stable transmission, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

How This Will Fix The Connection Failure To Make Sure You Are Transferring The Droid

  1. When using Droid Transfer, make sure your phone is turned off and the Transfer Companion app is displayed on your phone screen. Don’t go back to the home screen switcher or any other app.
  2. To link your phone and PC via Wi-Fi, your mobile phone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your computer is pointing to.
    To check if your computer and your phone are on the same Wi-Fi network, make sure your phone’s IP address is usually the same as your computer’s IP address. An IP address is an identification number assigned to a device connected to the Internet.
    Your PC’s IP address will be displayed under the QR code in Droid Transfer. To find out your phone’s IP address, go to Settings > About Gizmo > Status.

  3. If your PC has two ports, Internet, for example, for wireless ethernet, select the IP address under any QR code that matches your mobile phone’s IP address by clicking it as shown below.
  4. Turn off cellular data on your Android device when using Droid Transfer, as enabling cellular data sometimes prevented your personal phone and PC from connecting. Mobile data can be re-enabled when disconnected from Droid Transfer.
  5. Make sure your Windows Firewall is configured correctly. Read the instructions for setting up your Windows Firewall to allow Droid Transfer to connect to your trusted phone.
  6. Some connectivity issues can also be resolved by restarting your computer after installing Droid Transfer.
  7. Also try restoring Transfer Companion on your phone, i.e. open Task Companion on your phonebackground and swipe up to close the Transfer Companion and then launch it again.
  8. Make sure you are using the latest versions of Droid Transfer AND Transfer Companion.
    This can be checked by going to Options -> Software Updates. You can update Droid Transfer for rid here.
    The popular version of Transfer Companion is far from being available on the Google Play Store.
  9. If the wireless connection still doesn’t work after following the steps above, use your device instead and connect it with an appropriate USB connection.
  10. If that’s still enough, could you email us the Droid transfer logs so we can probably dig deeper into your issue. The log does not contain any personal information and is mainly used to find out what is still preventing a local connection between your own phone and your PC. Please do the following…

  11. Click “Options” at the very end of the control panel, I would say in the upper right corner of the Droid Transfer window.
  12. Click History at the bottom of eachth list of options on the left side of the Droid Transfer window.
  13. Click the “Copy to Clipboard” button like this (don’t press CTRL -C here on the important board – link to Droid Transfer)
  14. Submit an issue log to our support team by email using our contact form.

    Why is my Android not connecting to my computer?

    If the best Android phone still appears on PC after the first solution, it’s time to restart your phone and computer systems. So, before you continue, turn both devices back on and then try to connect to your computer. To set up your Android phone, press and hold the power menu and tap/swipe on reboot.

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Why is my phone not showing on my laptop?

Press the Windows key + X and select Device Manager from the menu. Find your Android gadget, right-click it and choose Update Driver. Select your MTP USB device from the list and click Next. After installing the driver, the Android device should be detected.


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