How to Clear and Reset the Microsoft Store Cache

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The Microsoft Store – windows is a marketplace for downloading applications. However, users may often encounter various problems when accessing and using the app store. This post is usually related to solving many problems that users often find – a corrupted Microsoft Store cache. If you’re having trouble running Windows Store apps, the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter can usually fix those issues.Windows 11/10. The troubleshooter will try to fix the problem automatically, without your intervention. But what if the troubleshooter itself displays a message: The Windows Est storage cache may be corrupted! ?

If someone gets the Windows Store cache, they might see a corrupted software error.After the Windows Store app troubleshooter launcher. can you reset the Windows Store folder and cache in the app directory.

Troubleshooting most corrupted store windows caches is useful if you’re wondering what the problem is. What’s more, it’s certainly not very helpful in solving the problem. Therefore, the current troubleshooter can only diagnose, not fix problems.

If you encounter or are interested in this issue in the Windows Store, please try manually fixing it by following one of these two answers.Reset

1] Windows Store

To clear the Windows Store cache, open the System32 folder and look for WSReset.exe. Right-click select and “Quickly run as administrator”. The application will be reset

Then showcases the store without changing your own settings or installed apps. Windows will automatically open Windows Store after the reset process is complete. You should now be able to properly access and use storefronts.

2] Flush Cachein The App Folder Directory

Open the explorer, copy the following explorer’s address tavern into the path and press Enter:

How do I fix Windows installer error?

C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft die.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState

Again, if your own Windows is installed on a set of drives, replace “C” above with the appropriate root system drive, followed by the name of your own operator account. Also replace the text with whatever username is associated with your family account.

Now check the LocalState file if the cache folder can’t exist no or. If it’s there, rename it normally, to “cache.old”. Then create a new empty directory, name it “Cache”.Ezah=”90″

After the above step, close File Explorer and restart your system. After starting my computer, run the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter again. This time, not only will it not detect the problem, it will fix it automatically.

You will restart the system again and try to open the full Windows Store. This method should work, especially if you haveThere is a local loan.

Refer to this when getting a new Registry service that is missing or is showing a questionable error message.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Store offers a convenient one-stop-shop for access and instant updates, but apps also tend to malfunction. If your local store’s troubleshooter says “The Windows Store storage cache may be corrupted”, you need to do some kind of Microsoft Store reset or clear the Windows Store cache to proceed.


or the Microsoft Store contain various data collected while using yours. In particular, these can be thumbnail files, log files received from shares, temporary files you uploaded, etc.

Sometimes important information in this cache gets corrupted or conflicts with your Microsoft Store app. The easiest way to fix this is to reset it through the Microsoft Store, which also caches the file.

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How To Reset Microsoft Store From Settings

If none of the above methods work, you can re-register or reinstall the Microsoft Store as a whole by following this guide. Once you’re all set, you can turn off automatic app updates.

The smart way to reset the Microsoft Store is to use the WSReset device. Combines it’s ease of use and speed. We next show you how to clear the cache of third-party Microsoft To stores using the command line for apps.

  1. Run WSReset.exe

    Press Ctrl + R, open the dialog box, run it, then type Simple “wsreset.In exe” “Open:” sectors. Click OK when done.

  2. Wait for the agent to do its job.

    An unused command prompt window will open. While it doesn’t look like it’s going to do anything, it actually brings it back to its memory in the background. Should be

    in about 30 seconds.


  3. Wait for the store to open

    If the reset is successfulOf course, Microsoft may want to briefly open as a store, usually without any gaps. If you still get an error, if you don’t need anything else, continue to the next step.


  4. Open
  5. Command line

    Click “Start” and enter the line “” Command. Click on the first result.


  6. Run the Whoami command and copy your SID.

    On the command line, type whoami /user and press Enter. should It return output that starts with USER with INFORMATION. Highlight the

    channel details and letters under SID by right-clicking on it for this clipboard copy. Then paste the file to find it later in the Notepad window.

  7. Open

  8. Regedit

    Click the Start button and the “Registry Editor” method. Click on the first result.

  9. Find and clear the Windows 10 memory cache for your client

    in the registry editor or paste use the folders on the left:

    Computer /HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx \AppxAllUserStore
    Scroll down the correct list until you find the registration hint youi matches the previously written SID. Right Click the folder and “Delete” Documents.


  10. Confirm key deletion

    In the pop-up chat window, click to “Yes”, permanently delete the key.


The most convenient way to get back to clearing the Windows Store cache is by far the Settings app. However, earlier versions of Windows 10 do not have this setting, so be sure to change it first.

  1. Open “Settings”.

    Click Start, then select the Start settings menu gear and the power button above.


  2. Click Apps

    How do I turn off CSC cache?


  3. Open Classic Microsoft Store Settings

    On the Settings side screen, tap Apps & features. Scroll down this list until “Store Verify Microsoft”. You click on it and then click on “More Options”.