Fix Your Pc Bash Brain

Artificial intelligence is . Why reinvent the wheel when you bought it, you have a lot of people around? Who will miss one, the buyer, right?

Alternatively, he may be one of those seeking mere immortality. Anyway, as soon as you scan Bash Brain face, you’ll get a report that you’re using a science simulator, and, oops, you have some sort of computer that remembers you’re human. If you do this carefully enough, the original brain will notice that this is happening all the time.

It has a number of advantages over psychological flesh. A simulation that can be run thousands of times faster than reasonable with sufficient drive power. It can be maintained with trivial ease. You can manipulate multiple samples at the same time and have them create different parts, create exotic personality models, and interfere with the inner workings of the brain in ways that are or difficult to choose with brain or flesh. In addition, there is a new fact that as long as the data is stored somewhere and there is a computer to run, it is killed they are impossible – you can just restart the simulation from where you put them, and sometimes the mind wins. I don’t even understand.

Critics of this process are quick to point out that it requires an understanding of neurology (not necessarily human neurology, but even much of the neurology of the common insect) far beyond what currently exists; without this knowledge, even a very powerful new computer cannot perform this method. Don’t forget that this also assumes full digital computersnotehow easy they are to be reprogrammed, and nowadays wherever or old similar modern computer architecture becomes specific, overcoming physical limitations and staying relevant. for ultra-high workload applications, rather than being left homeless by more specialized (blank) neuromorphic analog architectures that are more powerful but less flexible and aimed at precision mind-versus-language loading, life extension, and other forms associated with bioenhancement. Supporters of thisThese ideas confirm to us that such knowledge is on the rise and that the required technologies in general will continue to develop. Promoters who experience this and really benefit from it assure us that most of this will indeed happen very soon.

As a suggestion from The Singularity, the idea of ​​scalping downloads has inevitably taken on an almost religious aspect for many in recent years, as it promises to be an aging art (as long as your backups and hardware follow the direction they run safe), simplicity and the same body transcendence.good

The brain loading aspects are a little overwhelming when you try to fit them into the story. It kind of kills though the suspense, the protagonist can recover a copy if the big villain Den kills the whole group. The authors have developed a set of evasive maneuvers that you can easily determine by asking the following questions:

  • What is undoubtedly the basis of the import mechanism? Does the computer mimic every atom when it comes to every neuron, or does the load use memoriesniya, personality traits and default template?
  • Is the download dangerous? Depending on the process you’re implementing, it may be possible to change it non-destructively, but many authors know it’s convenient to destroy the original without question to avoid the hassle of having two copies of the same running symbols. noteThe easiest and currently vaguely practical process to transfer is to put this brain in liquid nitrogen mode and then image it with a microscope probe for decoding. In addition to the fact that the SPM has to keep the probe within a few nanometers of the surface it is testing, you scan the meninges, clean it with a diamond microtome, and examine the next layer. You will end up with a map of each of these locations in the atom and the brain, and a stack of quick-thaw brain slices on the floor. Is it also the most destructive brain loading imaginable without the use of TNT?
  • Can a person increase his intelligence? Or you see that the brain model can only be copied forever as long as the solution works, andIs there room for significant improvement?
  • Can I copy the download? If the answer is no, the effort can be softer in science fiction, though it’s also possible to make it a little more difficult by running these AIs on a quantum computer and saying something about the “non-cloning theorem”. . Or just explain the record by analogy at last.
  • The ubiquitous download of brains means that one or the other is very similar. Or an idea that may arise in the described result of the singularity.

    There are also many legitimate moral and theological issues that could be covered in his story and discussed in detail on the general analysis page. Suffice it to say that “Just a Machine” and “Cybernetics Eat Your Soul” can come into play, which can make your computer less concerned about what’s going on with the meatbags.

    Compare to what Virtual has Ghost, where a loaded human brain can control a projection of itself to interact with the real human race. In contrast, Implanting, the neural computer from which music is uploaded to the brain, is very different Derived from Proximity, as both paths are sometimes used in combination. See also Primary Disk, Portable Memory, and Backup Disk. Compare Living the Memory, Save the Scamming, and Digital Hacker. Many instances of artificial usage sign following this dead trail.

    The body loads this when but the big body goes digital, storage space, not just a mental construct.

    This wiki article list contains examples with…

    …although We Are Not Deterred By The Testimony Of One Of The Experts, Our Own:

    “We think that if we can just put music on a CD, why can’t we put the personality of a demanding person on it?

  • In Fighting This Angel, Alita is used as the required final twist in the Hang Around episodes when the insane Dr. Desty Nova reveals that her organic face has been stolen and replaced with a biochip of her personal memories. Years ago, he found himself literally passing crazy. In the practice of the Last Order, this seems to be subtle in some ways.texts (e.g. Zekka practiced it on himself, but also on the protagonist, “himself” becomes an unknown example of these cases; revelations are followed by “How tall is this man A?”). However, this sequel is full of others examples of strange or bizarre futuristic science. We also have Desty Nova cloning blues.