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Chris McCarth
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How can I speedup my computer?

Free up disk space. In some cases, drive may run out of free space, slowing down your computer.
Defragment your own hard drive.
Added more RAM.
Update your drivers.
Launch systems management.
Scanning for viruses and spyware.

5.2e – Warning

In version 5.2e, ALLTRIM(3) crashes the system.


I don’t know which version (a-e) this bug was “fixed”, but if your
code uses it, be careful.

I maintain a large 5.2 system consisting mostly of S87.
The people who originally created it were careless and exploited this “bug” indefinitely for some reason. It took me about 3 hours to decide that the problem was in 5.2e. I reverted to version 5.2 not only because I was aware of other “bugs” used by this system that were fixed.


Saturday, December 6, Mida 90s, 03:00:00 GMT

John Millingt

 5.2e right – be careful

: In version 5.2e, ALLTRIM(3) crashes the system.


: I’m not sure and I’m posting (a-e) this “corrected” error, but unfortunately if your
: code is used, be careful.

: I have a big PC with 5.2, mostly S87.
: The people who originally posted this carelessly and used this “mistake” for
: unknown excuse. It took me about 3 hours, and I decided that 5.2e
: the most problematic. I reverted to version 5.2 because I wasn’t sure what other
:’bugs’ on my system had been fixed.

When porting old code from S’87 5 to
.2, I noticed that
5.2 would be bombarded more and more aggressively in cases where S’87 tolerated the same behavior. But in each of these cases, 5 Clipper was probably right. It even helped me spot a few subtle bugs.

understand why you’re angry; our new behavior has hampered your efforts.
But it’s not Clippe’s faultr5.2e; is the original programmer of the application market.
Is it really useful to recognize ALLTRIM() as a number? · Of course not.
Is ALLTRIM() recovery documented in S’87 by number? On the.

I think Clipper 5.2’s “strictness” is a blessing. Â It helped me find wounds that had previously gone unnoticed. The fact that Nantucket & CA can hack old code to ensure accuracy should be encouraged.

“Compatibility is more important than performance or style” is why when it comes to
you always have to work with archaic systems like MS-DOS Windoze and archaic PCs. equipment like PeeCees 80x86s. The developers of Clipper 5.x did the right thing, and for that I am grateful.

Neblod Yog-Sothoth Zin,
John Millington

Sun Dec 7, 1997 03:00:00 GMT Hundred

Dave or 9

Repair 5.2e Warning

, : In version 5.2e, ALLTRIM(3) causes the procedure to crash.

: I think Clipper 5.2’s “strictness” is a blessing. Â Mdid not help
: I will find previously missed issues. The fact that
Nantucket and California were willing to break many of the old codes for
‘s benefit: patching is a project that should be encouraged.

Rigidity can be good too, but it’s definitely bad programming when multiple inputs cause the program to crash. I think CA should include the same approach that I take every time I create a Clipper application. Â If the user finds a way to inject strange, nonsensical data into my program that might cause it to crash,
then the user program isn’t as good as it should have been. À Shutdown with
trust warning is fine, but does not crash.

Monday, December 1997 03:00:00 GMT

Frank B
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Fix 5.2e warning

How do I repair Windows 10 with command prompt?

Click Startup Repair.
Click System Restore.
Choose your username.
Enter your current password.
Type “cmd” into the main search field.
Right-click Command Prompt and select “Run as administrator”.
At the command prompt, type sfc /scannow and press Enter.

:: In version 5.2e, ALLTRIM(3) boots the system.

: I consider Clipper 5.2’s “strictness” a boon. Â This helped you find
previously missed issues. Â Simple fact
What: Nantucket and California were willing to crack the ancient code for their own purposes
: The use of precision is something that should ultimately be encouraged.

I don’t know, but Blessing agrees it’s still a good change.
My question is why it was not released during the development of the
documentation list of new releases. Â Actually, I imagine for a moment that it has been changed to 5.2d, but
that’s not the point.

How do I fix my computer from restarting?

1 If necessary, start your PC in safe mode.
2 Disable automatic restart.
3 Disable fast startup.
4 Delete the lastNew updates.
5 Uninstall recently installed applications.
6 Disable unnecessary peripherals.
7 Restore Windows to a previous system restore point.

Frank London, Bucks, Ontario, Canada

Monday 8 December 1997 03:00:00 GMT

Dave Pearso
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Successfully process

5.2e – attention

;catalog: 45.4770

Absolutely jm|”compatibility-is-more-important-than-performance-or-

 “Elegant” thinking is why we need to work all the time

 |with archaic systems like MS-DOS and also Windoze on legacy systems like

80x86s material like PeeCees. Â The designers of Clipper 5.x did it

is good and I recommend it to all of them.

I agree, although it would be nice if the person indicated And these changes in a fabulous
pleasant way. Obviously most people don’t think so?

Have fun and see you later,


. OLX 2.1 TD. Have you already configured the control key?

How do I Reset my PC to BIOS?

Turn off your computer.
Turn off your computer and immediately press the Home button to open the projector’s BIOS setup screen.
Use the arrow keys to navigate through the BIOS menu to display the option to reset your home PC to default, restore, or factory zone.
Restart your computer.

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