Titanium Wars Mod for Soulstorm for Dawn of War

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Today, February 16, 2022, marks exactly ten years since the release of the Titanium Wars mod for Soulstorm. Exactly 10 years ago, on February 16, 2012, the Du TWM ss version went public. In the free time available, TWM has existed as a DC version for about four years, so TWM will be 10 years old this year. Happy Anniversary TWM-SS and welcome every anniversary holiday version.

– The cost of the Upper Chaos Demon has been significantly reduced.
– Chi Nicks now have the Leap Feral research passive ability after Jetpack boosters.
– Khorne Berserker, Skull Champion, Khorne Badge Khorne Bearer, Chosen Champion have the Jump Wildly ability passive too. The raptors have it, as do the warriors of Khorne. Jetpack, if the quest booster hasn’t been completed yet, these Khorne warriors can purchase abilities in the market by Mark choosing Khorne from the Doctrine.
– Possessed Chaos Space Marines always move at their own speed.< br>– Great for Tanks update: Chaos Predator, Blunder Chaos Rhino, Chaos Vindicator, Land many Raider.3D models and source code modified by GrOrc. All Chaos tanks get new visual fixes, effects, 3D geometry and animations, updated original equipment code (this is the next update since the latest GrOrc update in 2014).< br>– SM units with Jump Pak have Feral Leap passive abilities Abilities after “Jump Pack Boosters and Furious Charge” researched (in the past, only Furious “Appeared”). However, the research is armed with a double meaning. now A level to 1.
– OE codes for all infantry models have been sm updated by groc. Some of them were also aboutupdated in Peel-Off. More correct code OE.Random View Painter Army has been suggested for SM infantry if needed in TWM.
– Added View random Army War Painter For Warbosses, Big Mek Boss, Big Mek.Psy
– Turret – Turret Model Chaos has been updated. Some geometry adjustments. Smoothing. The Shadow.
– Inquisitorial Rhino (DH) model is now a tier 2 unit. Acolyte
– now (dh) has the Tools of Torturer feature.
– Stormtroopers (DH) start with 10 units ready per team. Experienced stormtroopers restored the full size of the Resquad.
– Some fixed military campaign maps. Thanks Aliera. Some
bugs not fixed.
– Some other changes.
– UCS files are constantly updated.

Version 1.00.31 (May 17, 2021)

Version 1.00.31 dated (May 17, 2021.)

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Version 1.00.28 (December 9, 2020) 1 and Version .00.30 (February 3, 2021)

Version 1.00.28 (December 9, 2020) 1 and Version .00.30 December (3 2021)

News 4 Feb Comments

A new titanium version of the Wars mod for Soulstorm. The version contains a large number of correspondingupdated content. Good at epic good battles…