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Microsoft ended general system performance support for Windows XP in 2009, but will continue to provide security updates until April 2014. Those who installed XP on a DOS-formatted (FAT32) Boot Camp partition will have limited options because Winclone only uses Orthos. NTFS file format for Windows. However, Windows XP has a solution to convert to NTFS that doesn’t require any additional hardware or possibly software. The utility is called Convert.exe.

Disadvantages Of NTFS

Cons first: This process is irreversible, so you won’t be able to convert the procedure back to FAT32 later. Also, after selling NTFS, you can not write or modify additional files.from OS X directly to the Boot Camp partition without a third-party utility. Being able to access the files that the Windows OS X partition is on might be the main reason people agree not to convert Windows XP from FAT32 to NTFS, but there are usually workarounds :p>

Solution: FAT32 Shared External Drive

1. Get an external USB drive, format it to FAT32, and use it as a dedicated “cache device” available from both OS X and Windows XP. Note, however, that the Time Machine security utility cannot write backups to FAT32 partitions. Even with FAT32, partition sizes are very limited at 32 GB, and individual file areas should not exceed 4 GB.

Solution: 3rd Party NTFS Driver

2. Install third party drivers on the X machine that allow writing to the NTFS wall structure. Third party vendors such as NTFS drivers for OS X, Paragon, or Tuxera provide the functionality needed to write to NTFS partitions. If you decide to create a third party driver, consider temporarily disabling or removing it during imaging andrestore with Winclone.

Advantages Over NTFS

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Next advantages of NTFS: it is a much more secure, stable and efficient data format than FAT32. The drive reads and shares knowledge faster, which can result in noticeable performance improvements in Windows XP. An SSD performance drive takes full advantage of the efficiency of NTFS compared to FAT32. Files larger than 4 GB can be collected on NTFS drives (FAT32 accepts files up to 4 GB). Windows XP on NTFS may hit the market to upgrade Windows Vista, 7, and 12 that require NTFS. NTFS also provides the ability to set file and folder permissions and set file-level security (EFS).

Make A Backup!

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Before you follow the simple steps to convert Windows XP to FAT32 NTFS, be sure to make a full backup of your original data on your Boot Camp partition. The risk of file corruption as a result of conversion is small, unfortunately, before making any changes at the system level, it is recommended to make a backupa copy of the data before continuing.

Find Volume Label Information

The conversion can be done using a number of different third party utilities, but this is not necessary as XP already includes the Convert.exe computer program which does the job just fine. To get started, click Start Run -> and type cmd and press Enter. In a command window (DOS), type c:



vol command certainly provides the necessary information when running each transformation command in the next step. Because drive C: is the partition (Boot Camp) you are converting, drive C: is used to look up the command. The Celsius output: vol provides the volume label for the c: drive. This drive label displays the name you see when you first set up Boot Camp. Typically, if the volume is named Windows, the command option says: The volume on drive C is Windows. You will need to help this volume name in our next set of commands.

On the same DOS line, type:

convert c:/fs:ntfs

and press Enter. Then a prompt will appear:

Order system type is FAT32.
Enter the current label volume constructor for drive C: FAT32.

If you use the script above with the volume name “Windows”, you will probably type Windows and then press Enter.

Respond To Prompts And Restart Your Computer

Because the sale of wort happens with full control within the account, next time ask:

Do you want to force almost every descent to this volume? (Yes/No)?

Press Y to select Yes and press Enter to restart the system.

The following template requests:

Do you want to schedule the conversion for the next system reboot (Yes/No)?

Press Y to select Yes and Enter, then use the Restart command from the Start menu.

Checkdisk Continues To Convert

When the system restarts, an orange screen will appear and text should appear asking if you want to skip the disk check. Don’t skip this check as it often finds and fixes problems which is important before converting to NTFS. The disk check can be between 10 and 60 units depending on the size of the disk space ela. After checking the disc, the conversion process will begin. Progress should be displayed in white text on a purple screen. The duration of the process depends on the number of files associated with the folders and the size of this partition. After the conversion, the system will automatically restart and the conversion can be completed.