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I just built a new computer and bought Spore with it. I set it all up with a stockpile of creepy and cute details. I’m trying to start it and I’m getting this message: “The iPhone Cron Slash cannot be started correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close all applications. don’t change anything) I’ve been googling all day for a solution to a specific problem but often getting the same answer over and over again for the second time, I don’t know what else I would try and found it so weird that my 4 year old laptop might want to run it, but my promising PC can’t. I am very frustrated just because I love this game and am going to play it, but I need to come to terms with our ideas on how to fix this, so if anyone has anything known about this, please let me know .

@WolfixPvP Can you try some options and download the dxdiag below if you are still having problems?

  • Try the game in CompatibilityÂ
  • Launch Origin and Spore once as administrator (by right-clicking the desktop theme and selecting “Run as administrator”).
  • Clear source cache
  • Clean start
  • Show origin in game
  • – Select “Origin-Tab, in-game” to disable this processing (gray 0)

    Are Spore servers down 2020?

    Spore servers are not available for the disc version at all. You need to reinstall it in Origin or Steam.

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    Troubleshooting Help

    Dr. Coins

    Is Spore compatible with Windows 10?

    Spore works surprisingly well on Windows 10 after applying a number of fixes up until version 1.05. Galactic Adventures comes with Spore installed so you can run it.

    Q: I received a backpack with Dr. Pepper and then installed Spore Galactic Adventures.

  • Each time Log puts me in Galactic Adventures, it asks me to upgrade to version 5.1, which I was able to do.
  • Galactic Adventures is now always missing asymmetry. There
  • a: This is a serious known issue withfollowing assembly path:

  • 1. Uninstall Spore and then Spore Galactic Adventures
  • 2. Reinstall Spore
  • 3. Reinstall Spore Galactic Adventures
  • 4. Return to this type of page to install the sporebot parts pack.
  • Update 5

    Q: I’m using Snow Leopard and now I have an ATI card. Why does my game often crash, especially in the creature phase?

    How do I fix Spore error?

    Open C:\Windows\regedit as administrator.
    Find. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432node\Electronic Arts\SPORE.
    Add the following lines as a reward if they don’t exist. AppDir=SPORE.
    Add the following due to the 32 bit DWORD value. ReindexYesOr No = 6.
    Open Spore and have fun.

    A: Is there a known compatibility issue with Snow Leopard Mac users using ATI graphics cards? This is not specific to Spore and has affected players in various gaming communities. Apple is currently investigating an actual fix.

    This crash can occur at any stage of the Spore game, but almost always occurs during the Person stage. Affected players should visit the Spore forums where updates may be released as the Apple issue is resolved.

    Q: I want to install Mac Patch 5.1, but the game crashes on startup. can i do something

    Oh. Follow all of the steps below to manually install the hotfix for Mac 5.1.

    Is Spore shut down?

    “End of an era.” EA has shut down Maxis Emeryville, the studio behind Spore and the recent SimCity game. first reported the closure after Escort gameplay designer Guillaume Pierre tweeted the full news tonight.

    Confirming that you already have SporePatch4 but didn’t request itfor the last period (SporePatch5.1). To make sure SporePatch4 is connected, look at the SPORE/ directive and the CiderBuild number should indeed be 2535.

  • 1. Download the patch from the support site:
  • 2. Double-click SPO3-Update-002535.tgz to extract the patch file.
  • 3. Double click, navigate to the SPORE file, select, then Update.
  • 4. Trying to launch the game after my patch
  • 5. If there is still no SPORE in the game
  • b) Reinstall Start
  • a) Uninstall SPORE and run the game, indicating that it should not be fixed.
  • c) Restart your games and start the automatic update process when you can.
  • d) If your ciderbuild number can be 2756 in your SPORE/ file, then you’re done. If the CiderBuild number is 2535, revert to SPORE 5.1 ​​patch step 1.
  • SPORE Galactic Adventures Patch 1.1 (DVD only):

  • 1. Update SPORE to version 5.1 (see above) if you haven’t already.
  • 2. Download the region from the support site:
  • 3. Go to SPE1-Update-002535- twice to extract the patch history.
  • 4. Double click, navigate to the SPORE folder, select SPORE Galactic, then Update.
  • 5. Try running the game after the patch
  • 6. If our own game still won’t launch
  • a) Remove Galactic Spore Adventures and SPORE
  • b) Reinstall SPORE according to the current instructions, starting with step 5b of the SPORE 5.1 ​​patch.
  • c) Reinstall SPORE Galactic Adventures and start the game, but don’t allow patches to be installed.
  • d) Restart the game and work on the automatic update process as much as possible. If you are prompted to install a patch later, please revert to SPORE Galactic Adventures Patch 1.1 (DVD Install Only) Step 2.
  • 1. SPORE patch for patch 5.1 (above) if you don’t normally have it
  • 2. Download the patch from the support website:
  • 3. Double click SPE1-Update-002535- to get the grass patch file.
  • 4. Double click, navigate to the SPORE folder, select SPORE Galactic, then Update.
  • 5. Try running the game looking for a patch
  • 6. If the game still won’t launch
  • a) Remove Galactic Spore Adventures and SPORE
  • b) Reinstall SPORE following the instructions starting with SPORE Patch 5.1 Step #5b.
  • c) Reinstall SPORE Galactic Adventures and run the game anyway, don’t allow patches
  • d) Restart your poker game and respect the auto-update period as much as possible. If you weren’t asked to install the patch, go back to SPORE Galactic Adventures Patch 1. (Digital First Download will be installed) Step #2
  • Update 4

    How do I run a spore game?

    When you launch this app, the game is really playable, but you still don’t have the Spore icon to click on and start the game. But if you actually go into the SPORE folder (as above), select the folder called “Sporebin”. You will find an app called “SporeApp”. This contains your game. Run!

    Q: I get a period error when I try to launch Spore after installing patch 4. What should I do?

    A: Delete the ytlogin.prop, preferences.prop and login.prop files in your own data app folder and then try opening the game again.

  • Vista users can find the preferences here: Folder*\Users\(userid)\AppData\Roaming\SPORE\Preferences\
  • Individual XP customers can find the preferences here: Folder*\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\SPORE\Preferences\
  • Mac users can find the preferences folder page: Users\User Name\Library\Preferences\SPORE Preferences\p_drive\User\Application Data\Spore\
  • Spores Galactic Adventures

    Q: Why don’t I immediately see great trophies on after earning them quickly?

    A: Trophies may not update immediately on If your last trophy doesn’t appear, wait ten minutes and then come back.

    Q: When I try to play Galactic Adventures, I see the message “Please insert the Spore Galactic Adventures DVD” even though it is currently in the drive.

    A: Follow these steps to download your own digital copy of Galactic Adventures.

  • Go to this URL
  • In the Product Code Type field, enter the Galactic Adventures disc revision code.
  • Enter the information for the EA Nucleus Scenario (same information as for the journal in Spore).
  • Click the connect button
  • Open all EADM and Should statements
  • You now have Spore Galactic Adventures available for download in your EADM.
  • Q: What steps should I take to try to accept “Disk Authentication Failed”?

    A: “Disk Read Authorization” or “Disk View Authentication” errors are often caused by the presence of Drive Letter Access (DLA) software on your computer.

    Software DVDDLA contains burning applications with the ability to drag and drop files directly onto a drive letter, similar to Sonic or Roxio. These applications are known to cause drive authentication issues. To resolve this issue, follow these troubleshooting steps:

    How do I fix Spore error?

    Open C:\Windows\regedit as administrator.
    Find. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432node\Electronic Arts\SPORE.
    Add the following as a string value, assuming they don’t exist. AppDir matches SPORE.
    Add the following mainly because of the 32 bit DWORD value. ReindexYes or No = 0.
    Open Spore and have fun.

    Why can’t I play Spore on Origin?

    Close Origin, go to My Computer > Programs > Origin Games. Delete the folder called Spore. Open Origin and redownload the real game. Don’t touch anything until Origin says Spore is ready to play.